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Scenes from the Top is the first mixtape from independent Hip Hop label Gone Green Records.

Ben Steezy co-founded Gone Green Records with Will Hamburg and Brian Wentzel in late 2015. By January 2016 they recorded their first single MTW (My Team Winnin’).

MTW was a breakout success that immediately got picked up by well established Hip-Hop blogs and independent music publications. The song was featured on FM radio in Arizona, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and even went on to win an award for best Hip-Hop song in 2016. This spawned an unofficial tour that took Ben Steezy all over the West Coast and internationally throughout multiple cities in Mexico under the Gone Green Records brand.

As the lyrics would entail, the team behind MTW was instrumental to its success. The record was produced by Ben’s best friend and longtime collaborator Josh “JRock” Rockne. Engineering for the song was done by Tony “TradeMark” Vega. Both of whom heavily contributed to the production and recordings of Gone Green Records first mixtape.

Scenes From The Top was recorded during the late spring and early summer of 2016. The label debut showcases a brilliant rap chemistry between TradeMark and Steezy that shines through on six of the eight tracks. JRock stayed on board to produce one more record for the project titled Top of the World that would eventually become the mixtape’s 2nd award winning single. Singer/songwriter Kayt Pearl joins Steezy & Trade on the songs Top of The World and Wild With Us. Kayt provides the rappers with soulful hooks and proceeds to deliver what is arguably the standout verse of the project. Afterwards pop singer Alo Moniz makes sure that the listener leaves satisfied on the party fueled outro Fly As Luck.

After the mixtape was finished the four vocalist teamed up with DJ Eagle One for a series of live events. The five artists combined their unique talents together to form a supergroup that was made for the stage. The first of many shows was a prerelease party for Scenes From The Top featuring Sincerely Collins. The live shows all proved to be a success. The groups incredible chemistry and high energy performances left audiences upbeat and entertained. They went on to headline a two day festival in Durango, Mexico and the 3rd annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival at Comerica Theatre.

When no release date was announced for the mixtape the artists involved began branching out into other projects. In late 2017 Ben Steezy made the difficult decision to end his partnership with Gone Green, putting the project on hold indefinitely. Even though SFTT was never officially released we’ve made it available here for free. You can also stream it on the Gone Green Records SoundCloud for the time being.

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