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Master My Qi (Official Lyric Video)

Lyrics written & performed by Ben Steezy

Master My Qi

Awaken my Shen

Replenish my Jing

Master my Qi

I've got 22 Reishis on my dresser 

yes sir, I'm sippin gynostemma tea

I got a bag of this astragalus

that interleukin 4 receptor antagonist

plus I'm munching on some cordyceps

so I'm never short of breath

allow me to go more in-depth

it’s the fungus that my lungs just love

for their function of relaxing my bronchial walls

every time I munch them

yes you know I wants them

yes you know I loves them

yes I have a bunch of

medicinal mushrooms I’ve been pushing

Turkey tail to keep me well 

lion's mane for my brain

agaricus will carry us

plus I pop maitake right before I get on a plane

reishi spores with the cracked cell wall

try to take my chaga away I tell ‘em hell naw

Awaken my Shen

Replenish my Jing

Master my Qi 

(repeat x 4)

Scoop of He Shou Wu in my morning Brew

I'm Jinged up from the feet up man I thought you knew

slip on my tennis shoes I could run a marathon

sipping on the same tonic herbs as Genghis Khan

they jocking my longstock cistanche that I'm on

Dragon drops so sweet underneath my tongue

You say you’re number one I'm on Astragaloside IV 

do my morning yoga watch my telomeres grow

I'm eating velvet antler

never hurt the deer though

I guess you could say that I really do love my doe

I'm on a lot of superfoods I think I got a problem

baby calf can get it first but give me that colostrum

serve it up with pancakes mixed with pine pollen 

an Erewhon Shoppers definition of Ballin

at the Tonic Bar drinking green juices

spirulina e3live algaes let me do this

Awaken my Shen

Replenish my Jing

Master my Qi

(repeat x 4)

As far as rapping goes I got more flavor than schizandra

My flow Eleuthero adaptogenic anti-cancer

My opus is to be the dopest

Emcee on either Coast that's

not sippin  codeine  only leaning

On codonopsis 

losing focus?

Here's the cornus in my eagle vision

Lycium open your eyes again 

so that you can see the distance

I got pearls

they’re not on my girl's neck though

they’re in an Elixir that helps my mind let go

stress free at ease every piece of my mind’s at peace

Any signs of disease just cease anxieties breached

I was sick and tired, crying I ain't trying to preach

cause I can be in my mind but my mind isn’t me

but my mind isn’t me

Awaken my Shen

Replenish my Jing

Master my Qi

(repeat x 4)

Sippin Gynostemma Tea 

Sippin gynostemma tea

Scoop of He Shou Wu in my morning Brew

(repeat x 4)


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